Motorcycle battles „Team Fight Baltic Championship“ – live from “auto24ring”

This Saturday at “auto24ring” starts the motorcycle racing series of “Team Fight Baltic Championship“. This stage is the first of three happening: second one is going to be at the end of June and the third will be back in September. Participants are already gathering for Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian championships. For the next two days, starting with today they will practice before the big starts on Saturday.

There are about 70 participants from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. The longest list of racers noticed in Pretendent (19 racers) and B1200 (14 racers) classes. What is more, some of the participants will be seen in a track not only once, as they plan to race in few different classes.

In a main “Team Championship” event Lithuania name will be represented by united “Vimota- Repsol- Bikeparts Lietuva” team fighting for points with a numerous list of Estonian racers force. The “Team Fight Baltic Championship” itself is not going to have separate space in events schedule: participants are going to race in their classes and bring points for their team. At the end of the season the best team will be awarded with quite attractive prize fund. However, sportsmen that race in “Retro” and “Sidecar” classes are participating just for personal victory. 

“Team Fight Baltic Championship” is a first event of this kind, happening not only in “auto24ring” racing track but all Baltic countries, too. Those, who will not be able to see the race in an Estonian racing track will have an opportunity to watch it over the internet where the race will be broadcasted live. Thanks to professional cameras and technologies it will be possible not only to see the event itself but also to feel the adrenaline and atmosphere of the race.  What is more, the live broadcasting will happen in all Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with the help of top-read news website “Delfi” network.

Officially, the event starts on Friday morning when all racers will gather for administrative check and scrutineering. The race and live broadcasting will start at 14:00 on Saturday.